Food Service Pasta

Food Service Pasta                                                            

Traditional Pasta

Primo’s authentic semolina pasta is the perfect foundation for your culinary masterpieces. Primo pasta has been manufactured in our plant in Toronto since 1956, using the best Canadian Amber Durum wheat that is processed in our very own mill. Milling our own wheat into semolina and using state of the art pasta machinery in our facilities gives Primo total control over the quality of our pasta. 

  Excellent flavour, rich golden colour, and superior texture that makes every bite “al dente”

•  Affordable quality and cost efficient

•  Available in a multitude of long and short cuts, providing vendors with versatility and an endless range of menu options, view our Pasta Cuts 

Primo Traditional Pasta Products

Whole Grain Pasta

Primo GrainWise Whole Grain Pasta is a wholesome way to enjoy the delicious taste of pasta. Made with unprocessed whole grain flour, Primo’s Whole Grain Pasta is packed with fibre and important nutrients like protein, iron, and folic acid. Our GrainWise Whole Grain Pasta line has a variety of cuts available to suit any of your pasta dishes.

•  Great nutty taste and texture similar to traditional pasta

•  High in naturally occurring fibre which helps control your appetite

Primo GrainWise Whole Grain Pasta Products

Gluten Free Pasta

Enjoy the taste of traditional Primo Pasta, gluten free! Primo’s GrainWise Gluten Free Pasta is made with a delicious blend of yellow and white corn flour, giving it an authentic taste and texture.

•  Matches the golden colour and flavour of traditional pasta

•  Maintains texture throughout cooking process

•  Easy to digest and perfect for those with gluten intolerances or Celiac

Primo GrainWise Gluten Free Pasta Products

High Fibre Pasta

Primo GrainWise High Fibre Pasta is the perfect way to sneak in extra fibre, without any complaints! Primo High Fibre Pasta has the same great taste, texture, and colour of traditional white pasta, but with the added benefits of fibre.

Primo GrainWise High Fibre Pasta Products

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